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Katie befriending a knight in shining armor in Toledo, Spain

Katie befriending a knight in shining armor in Toledo, Spain

Katie finished a PhD in physics but her incessant curiosity and a restless spirit continues, eager to explore the nooks and crannies of the world.  While studying physics by day, funded trips to India, Brazil, Taiwan and Singapore jump-started her love of international travel.  These trips, in combination with a life-changing experiences (which you can read about here), made her increasingly adopt a gypsy existence, traveling for almost two years with no permanent home base.   She has continued to seek out opportunity for globe trotting and exploring less-chartered locations through a local lens on a cheap budget.  Through couch surfing and being friendly, she’s been lucky enough to meet and sometimes stay with locals for insider experiences of cities around the globe.

This website documents her experiences abroad, the people she’s met and the things she’s done.  As a yoga-loving, oatmeal-crunching vegetarian, she likes to jump right into the food, drink and culture of a foreign land.  She hopes her travel blog will inspire others to take risks and immerse themselves in the unfamiliar.  Although, she’s mostly documented her international travels here (55+ countries on six continents and counting), she traveled and camped with her family all over the United States growing up.  In February 2016, she started a new job in Auckland, New Zealand and looks forward to exploring the other hemisphere.

She likes to dream big and keeps track of her life list, where she describes crazy dreams and goals for the future.

Where Katie Has Traveled

While the number keeps growing, Katie has been to almost 60 countries on 6 continents.

In addition to her own blog, she’s recently been sharing her love of food and wine with readers of Epicure & Culture.  In addition to using it as a venue to reflect on her past trips from a current angle, she enjoys the opportunity to explore her own backyard more thoroughly, seeking out the extraordinary stories behind ordinary people at nearby businesses and restaurants.  People have started noticing and publishing these elsewhere.  Check out some of her favorite pieces here:

Published Articles on Epicure & Culture And Elsewhere:

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